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Changes to the SOCOTEC Certification UK / UKAS Accreditation Marks logos – Update

Fri 11/06/2021 - 03:21

UKAS Accreditation Marks logos – Update 

Our certified clients are entitled to use the relevant SOCOTEC Certification UK logos (combined or not with the UKAS Accreditation Mark) to promote and market their achievements.

The correct usage of the logos is defined in our Communication Guide outlining the rules for their governance and ensures compliance. We wanted our clients to be aware that the UKAS Accreditation Mark has been rebranded, that our Communication Guide has been revised accordingly and that there are strict timelines to transition from the old to the new logos as detailed below.

The transition period from the old to the new logos, incorporating the UKAS Accreditation Mark, are as follows:

Digital Materials

1 year from launch (1 February 2022)

Printed Materials

2 years from launch (1 February 2023)


3 years from launch (1 February 2024)

Our shared goal is to ensure that our clients’ transition in good time and, of course, are incompliance with all relevant requirements always. The logos and our revised Communication Guide are available for you.

Please feel to contact us for more information concerning your logo use. Contact us

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