Why certify with SOCOTEC Certification UK ? 

When it comes to certification, you have the choice of gaining one or more certifications. SOCOTEC Certification UK wishes to assist you in making this choice. 

Why would you apply for certification?

You are evaluated on standardized processes that are internationally recognised.

Indeed, many larger companies include ISO Certification as a minimum requirement of their contractors and suppliers.

New customers might be confident with this international recognition and assure certainty.

The framework offered by the standards gives you new values and processes for your company.

Working with processes and procedures help to prevent risks, understand them and prevent future repetitions.

By having a better understanding of your company and an improved participation of your employees as they feel more confident at work.

certification investment

This process allows you to be more robust and to achieve compliance in the eyes of your customers and stakeholders. You engage in clearer processes and make fewer mistakes. Through these actions, you increase your customer satisfaction.

A local team

certification investment

Your benefit

Working with SOCOTEC Certification UK is choosing to work with a local team that is available to answer all your questions and that has the expertise to fulfil your needs.

Optimum performance

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Our added-value

As an accredited Certification Body, we are prevented from engaging in consultancy but we are permitted to work with you to achieve your certification to achieve optimum performance and results.

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