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Because resources needs to be used wisely, energy saved, installations reliable, and activities have a lower environmental impact, you need to pay attention to growing challenges within this sector. Certifications are a great way to get help with the daily task of improving; and demonstrating your energy efficiency.

Indeed, each company is unique and requires its own specific handling. Our specialists work with you to identify the requirements and create custom certifications that are tailored to your organisation's needs and objectives. Our worldwide accreditation, along with our well-known facilities, gives you a head-start on the competition when it comes to designing and checking the consistency and adaptability of your management systems.

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Which standards can fit your sector ?

Energy Management System is a major step forward in that it includes the whole organisation, due to the encouragement of a well-founded, written energy strategy (with activities and milestones), the confirmation of commitment by many core persons, beginning with the company's management, and the active involvement of all workers.

The benefits of ISO 9001, as well as those associated with the introduction of a quality control framework, allow for information creation within the organisation. It also fosters teamwork and improves coordination and understanding among your company's teams, programs, and divisions. This is an international certification framework that encompasses the whole quality chain. As a result, customer confidence increases.

ISO 14001 is a globally recognised sustainability standard that allows businesses to adopt an environmental management system (EMS) that is tailored to their specific needs. This EMS enables operations to have a lower environmental cost and, more broadly, to increase the environmental performance as part of your energy sector.

The introduction of an ISO 45001 certification is a real opportunity to foster a culture of prevention and workplace quality of life that will benefit the company's development. Employees and collaborators are directly affected by the introduction of an OHS management system. They operate on the front lines and are exposed to professional advancements on a regular basis. Their interest and engagement in putting in place prevention procedures to enhance the quality of life at work would significantly increase their contribution to the business. This, in particular, has an effect on the company's overall results.


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