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Your sector is constantly changing. When it comes to standing out from the crowd, especially in terms of health or safety, there are many challenges to tackle.

You may be considering how to differentiate yourself from your competition when you combat more nuanced technologies. Thus, you should enhance your knowledge and skills by gaining certification.

In order to reassure your customers about your processes, your expertise but also your commitment to health and safety, we offer you a complete certification.

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Which standards can fit your sector ?

ISO 9001 is a certification of the management system's consistency. It includes the company's different stakeholders, events, and resources, which are all interconnected in order to meet the end customer's needs. The company's management coordinates and steers this framework, ensuring that it has the tools required to accomplish the objectives it has determined.

ISO 14001 enables businesses to adopt an environmental or energy conservation system in your business. A management system, in general, is a range of protocols that an organisation must execute in order to accomplish its goals. There are many schemes available to assist you in developing an environmental management system. ISO 14001:2015 mandates adherence to all existing environmental laws and key commitments, as well as a dedication to continuous development, which is at the heart of an EMS.

ISO 45001 is the certification for occupational health & safety management systems. Aside from the obligatory and legal approach, occupational risk management policy must actively lead to the elimination of industrial accidents and diseases. Furthermore, it simultaneously increases employee health and safety as well as the company's direct and indirect productivity. The company's workers' personal and career growth is influenced by the preventive approach. It allows for the prediction of professional damage, as well as the retention of workers and the enhancement of workplace well-being.

Following the COVID -19 crisis, we developed a Health Risk Management System (HRMS) standard. Indeed, we felt it was imperative to create a standard that responded to this unprecedented event. Thanks to our teams in France and in the United Kingdom, we have identified the key points of a certification on this health risk. Even though it is part of an unparalleled event, this standard will always apply and will ensure the durability of your management system.


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