Food industry certification - A strong and well-managed food chain is critical for public health and well-being, as well as social and economic prosperity. Because food safety has become a vital issue, it must be addressed across the food supply chain, from farm to fork.

It's therefore important for your company to follow high quality and safety requirements to meet consumer demands and to remain competitive. You can benefit from industry guidelines in a variety of ways, including regulatory enforcement, consumer satisfaction, brand reputation and more.

Food-borne diseases may have serious effects for consumers as well as supermarkets and other businesses in the supply chain. Aside from food safety, the global food chain has a huge effect on the environment, as well as the health and safety of consumers.

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The requirements for a food safety management system are mapped out in ISO 22000. It demonstrates how a company can demonstrate its ability to handle food safety risks and ensure that all food and ingredients are safe. Any company, regardless of scale or place in the food chain, it is required to be compliant.

FSSC 22000 is a universally recognised ISO-based certification system for food safety device inspection and certification for food producers in the food chain. FSSC 22000 is appropriate for any food manufacturing or processing facility. Private label items for food stores, both animal or plant-based, with a long shelf life, or other chemicals and vitamins, must have an authorised certificate such as FSSC 22000.

ISO 45001 seeks to provide workers a mechanism for creating safe and stable environments and avoiding work-related accidents and illnesses. Occupational health and safety is placed at the executive level of the organisation in this widely agreed setting. A healthy workplace has a number of advantages, including improved employer brand image, lower costs (production downtime, insurance premiums), lower absenteeism, and lower staff turnover...

ISO 9001 is a quality control system standard that lays out the guidelines for improved strategic handling of the company. It supports businesses and organisations in being more productive and increasing customer loyalty.

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