Today, companies all over the world face a huge challenge: rethinking their models to pave the way for a more prosperous, optimistic future.

Environment and sustainability 

Sustainable growth is at the forefront of both aspects. Many businesses are attempting to develop safer, more environmentally sustainable energy sources and more reliable modes of transportation that cause less environmental damage and are more affordable.

Business's environmental consciousness is rising as a result of the need to protect the environment and the essential evolution of regulations.

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Which standards can fit your sector ?

ISO 14001 is a globally recognised standard that lays out the requirements for a management system for the environment. It enables businesses to enhance their environmental efficiency by making better use of energy and reducing pollution, giving them a strategic edge and increasing stakeholder trust.

At the management level, ISO 9001 is the driving standard for monitoring and overseeing the strategy's execution and management; based on reliability and performance metrics. At the employee level, it is a cross-cutting strategy that mobilises departments around a continuous improvement mission. The certification process encourages managers and staff to collaborate and use consistent procedures to meet shared goals.

ISO 45001 is a widely recognised international standard. It sets out the conditions for having in place a framework to handle workplace health and safety. It encourages management to keep track of health and safety regulations and take the appropriate measures to ensure that it is implemented.

ISO 50001 is part of a quality management system approach to energy conservation that involves determining improvement areas, executing a targeted and scheduled action plan, tracking outcomes, making appropriate changes, and redefining new targets.

environment and sustainability sector

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