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Return to on-site audits

Tue 06/01/2021 - 09:15

The UK government has announced a lifting of travel restrictions by June 21st.

SOCOTEC Certification UK has remained operational throughout the COVID 19 pandemic.

By applying the International Accreditation Forum guidelines for ‘Extraordinary Events’, we were able to postpone audits or offer remote assessments to our clients in order that their certification could be preserved.

Despite our adaptation to this particular situation during the lockdown, we are ready to resume on-site audits from that date. 

What is the impact on your business? 

If covid had forced us to postpone your audit and therefore your application for certification, from June 21st, we will be able to offer you dates for on-site visits. 
This means that you will potentially have to adjust your schedules to allow for earlier than expected audits by SOCOTEC Certification UK. 

Despite this return to normal, we will still offer remote audits for areas still too affected by covid. 

As lockdown restrictions are lifted, we look forward to visiting our clients again and continuing in our support of your certification needs. 

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