As an essential part of the company's success, the UK Management team works to integrate the group strategy.

The UK management team

  • UK Direction committee
  • Mo Ghaus

    Operations Director

  • Pamela Gosney

    Accreditation Manager

  • Lyn Hatfield

    Customer Services Manager

  • Deborah Hind-Bakari

    Business Development Manager

"Doing the right things and the things right is what drives me and my teams. Starting with our valued customers at the centre of every decision we make each and every day to ensure certainty in their certification as an enabler for growth.

The only constant is change, in our world of business and our working life, driven by a number of factors we are all needing to realign ourselves to adapt and evolve. The global transformation is touching every business sector impacting how we create, deliver and sustain our products and services and, of course, ourselves."

Mo Ghaus - Operations director

mog ghaus

Our management team is responsible for the smooth running of your certification process. It is thanks to their work that we can deliver accredited certifications. 

Our pursuit of service improvement means

New standards proposed regularly

Improvement of our audits

Better comprehension of your business

More sectors covered

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